Indulge in the Finest Sushi Creations at Bluefin Bliss

Bluefin Bliss Sushi Bar is a premier sushi establishment in Miami, Florida. Our expert chefs create exquisite sushi rolls and sashimi using locally-sourced, fresh seafood. With an ambient setting and an extensive sake menu, it’s the perfect respite for sushi lovers and food connoisseurs.

Indulge in exquisite sushi rolls and sashimi at Bluefin Bliss Sushi Bar. Experience the art of sushi at its finest.

Excellence in Sushi Craftsmanship

Experience the finest sushi and sashimi at Bluefin Bliss Sushi Bar. Immerse yourself in our ambient setting and extensive sake menu.


Years of Experience

With over 10 years of experience in the sushi industry, we have honed our craft to perfection.


Satisfied Diners Rave

Our customers rate us 500+, reflecting their satisfaction and trust in our exceptional service.


Ocean-to-Table Delights: Locally-Sourced, Fresh Seafood

We pride ourselves on using locally-sourced, fresh seafood to ensure the highest quality and sustainability.


Sake Selection: Finest Japanese Rice Wine

Choose from our extensive sake selection, featuring over 30 different varieties to complement your sushi experience.

Bluefin Bliss sushi rolls are bursting with flavor and top-notch ingredients. Highly recommend!

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Indulge in unforgettable sushi at Bluefin Bliss. Locally-sourced seafood, expertly crafted rolls, and sashimi. Pure bliss in every bite.

Divine sushi, fresh flavors, stunning presentation. My go-to spot in Miami.

Emily Johnson

Marketing Manager

Best sushi bar in Miami. Unmatched quality, impressive attention to detail.

David Thompson

Food Blogger

Best sushi restaurant. Great atmosphere, service, and amazing sushi.

Sarah Davis

Restaurant Owner

Discover the Best Sushi Experience

Discover Miami’s best sushi experience at Bluefin Bliss Sushi Bar. Expertly crafted rolls and sashimi using fresh, local seafood.